About Us

In this new world that maximizes the mechanical and minimizes the emotional, there is a need to find the right balance and the right path to walk upon.

Viva as a brand seeks to be that line. The production of premium stationery, accessories and lifestyle products we seek to cater to the untapped creative potential within each individual.

Our notebooks, journals, diaries, travel planners, and premium writing instruments are designed to attract the hidden creative and emotional potential within each of us.

Our diaries are created with exceptional finishing and printing techniques. We also use different book binding processes and experiment with innovative materials from the fashion and design industry, thus making our diaries a contemporary piece of art and luxury.

Company Profile

Viva is a government recognized star export house. We have been manufacturing and exporting premium stationery, personalized stationery and corporate gifts for more than two decades.

Viva was the vision of one man many decades back. Belief, hard work and integrity help him actualize his dream. We are still a family holding and we take pride in the production of intelligent stationery products such as premium Diaries, journals, notebooks, organizers, and planners. We also make luxury desk sets, conference folders, corporate gifts, customized stationery and desktop items.

We use prime quality materials in the production of all our products. Outstanding printing and skilled craftsmanship are the hallmark of all our products. We design them with the right balance of consumer requirements and aesthetic appeal.

Our stationery is attractive, practical and has long been held valuable as a unique gift item. Moreover Viva global products are designed to give years of faithful service to their owners.


To be recognized as the most trusted and innovative Premium Stationery, Gifts and Lifestyle brand.


To ensure the sustainability of our trade, deliver high-quality products with uncompromising quality and take our brand to the next level.


The products are manufactured at our state of the art manufacturing facilities coupled with skilled workforce at manufacturing plants located in Mumbai, Delhi & South of India.

We have a very modern manufacturing plant in South India, equipped with German Muller Martini and Heidelberg machines and other allied machineries, all under one roof. Our binding division is one of the most sophistiquâtes in the country with folding machines to automatic Hardcover binding line. We have carved niche for us through quality and prompt supply coupled with competitive prices.

Our print shop is equipped with 7 four colour offset machines , 1 five colour CPC offset machine, and 4 single colour perfectors. The press division is supported by 5 fully automatic computerized guillotines , 3 automatic die cutting machines including a Sugano die cutter and two Folder-gluer (pasting machine). Our binding section consists of 4 automatic folding machines, a saddle stitcher, a 16 station gathering machine and a perfect binding machine. A host of hot stamping and blind embossing machines are also available.

Export Market

Viva Global incorporates a state of the art manufacturing facilities coupled with the skilled workforce at its various manufacturing plants in Mumbai, Delhi, and South of India.

We have huge capacities to manufacture high-quality stationery products, supplying them to highly satisfied customers in Gulf Middle East, Europe, East Africa & South Africa, North America, etc.

Awards and Recognition

We love the recognition we get from our customers and esteemed industry and government organizations. Viva Global has been awarded Top Export Awards for over eight years for exemplery Export Performance from the Govt. of India, Ministry of Commerce – PLEXCONCIL, for the years 2001 to 2006, 2010 to 2013 and also attained a STAR EXPORT HOUSE status, in 2007, a coveted symbol for excellence.

PLEXCONCIL has awarded us as follow :

  1. PLEXCONCIL – Top Export Award, 2000-01 for Gifts & Stationer
  2. PLEXCONCIL – Top Export Award, 2001-02 for Gifts & Stationer
  3. PLEXCONCIL – Top Export Award, 2002-03 for Gifts & Stationer
  4. PLEXCONCIL – Second Best Export Award, 2003-04 for Gifts & Stationer
  5. PLEXCONCIL – Second Best Exporter Award, 2004-05 for Plastic Stationery
  6. PLEXCONCIL – Second Best Exporter Award, 2005-06 for Plastic Stationery
  7. PLEXCONCIL – Top Export Award, 2004-05 for Gifts & Statuettes
  8. PLEXCONCIL – Second Best Exporter Award, 2009-10 for Gifts & Statuettes
  9. PLEXCONCIL – Top Exporter Award, 2010-11 for Gifts & Statuettes
  10. PLEXCONCIL – Second Best Exporter Award, 2011-12 for Gifts & Statuettes
  11. PLEXCONCIL – Second Best Exporter Award, 2012-13 for Gifts & Statuettes

Events & Exhibitions

Viva has participated in following Trade Fairs. Write content for this and then give the following list.

  1. Paper World 2002 to 2012, 2015 – Frankfurt, Germany
  2. GIFT FAIR 2007 to 2017 – Mumbai
  3. GIFT FAIR 2010 – Mumbai
  4. GIFT FAIR 2011- Mumbai
  5. Paper World – Dubai 2012,2014
  6. Stationery Fair 2012 – Mumbai
  7. GIFT FAIR 2012 – Mumbai
  8. GIFT FAIR 2013 – Mumbai
  9. GIFT FAIR 2014 – Mumbai
  10. GIFT FAIR 2015 – Mumbai
  11. GIFT FAIR 2016 – Mumbai
  12. Gift Fair @ Bangalore
  13. GIFT FAIR 2017 – Mumbai